New York State to increase the Minimum wage for fast food workers

(Albany, New York, July 22, 2015) The NYS board appointed by the Governor of New York State has approved a recommendation to increase the Minimum wage for fast food workers to 15 dollars an hour, to be phased in over time. The board was appointed by Governor Cuomo after the republican led state senate refused to consider a raise in the minimum wage earlier in the year. New York is one of a handful of states whose governors have the ability to raise minimum wage without legislative approval. The recommendation is expected to be approved by acting state commissioner of labor Mario Musolino, and then signed into law by Governor Cuomo. Once passed, this would mean a raise for over 70 % of the workers making minimum wage in the state (180,000 employees). The details of the proposal include a phased in minimum wage of 15 dollars an hour in New York City by 2018, and in the rest of the state by 2021. This law only affects Fast Food Chains that have 30 or more locations across the United States.

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  2. It can be a reasonable stgaiertc decision for a country to raise minimum wages in order to force low wage jobs overseas and to encourage the development of higher wage jobs. Probably in god economies this wil work if it is a bad economy it is likely to at least cause temporary hardship for the poor (ie becoming unemployed).Problem is – politically – you cant change it up and down all the time.

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