University of California to increase minimum wage to 15 dollars

(San Francisco, California, July 22, 2015) The President of the University of California system, Janet Napolitano, announced today a phased-in increase of the minimum wage paid to employees in the university system to 15 dollars an hour. The increase will affect about 195,000 employees and contract workers employed by the university system. The University of California with its 10 campuses is the third largest employer in the state of California. The minimum wage will be increased to 13 dollars an hour in October 2015, and then increased another 1 dollar per hour over the next 2 years. The current minimum wage in California is 9 dollars per hour, with an increase to 10 dollars an hour scheduled on Jan 1, 2015.

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  1. so says: No, it’s not necessary but it’s deniiftely an asset.A lot of people I know own their own businesses and don’t have a degree. They did it because they wanted to be their own boss, and you don’t need university for that It’s really hard to get ahead in an established company because most of them require some kind of degree so those with experience and street smarts get shafted so the next best thing is to run your own shop as for lack of funding, most university grads are usually broke when they’re done school, so they would be in the same situation as someone without a degree take care Was this answer helpful?

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